Published On: Wed, Jul 24th, 2013

SingTel mRemit: The joy of sending money home with a touch. A new way to transfer money.


SingTel mRemit Mother’s Day Promo winner Mariel Manahan (right) in Singapore. His mom, Neolita in the Philippines, received the brand new LED TV prize.


Which mother back in the Philippines, with a child working in Singapore, would not thrill at these words?

Neolita Manahan, 60, of Antipolo was elated when her youngest son, Mariel Manahan, called her from Singapore last month to tell her that he was sending her a brand new Samsung 46” LED TV he won from remitting money last May via SingTel mRemit – Singapore’s first ever overseas remittance service through mobile phone.

In a Mother’s Day promotion that ran from 12 to 26 May, SingTel mRemit customers stood a chance to win a brand new Samsung LED TV set, with free shipping to the Philippines. Jonathan Abrahamson, SingTel Prepaid Mobile/mRemit Director felt this promotion allowed customers to get more value from SingTel mRemit, apart from providing OFWs with the most convenient remittance service to date . This campaign gave customers the opportunity to do more for their mothers back home.

“Filipinos in Singapore, generally, are in Singapore for one reason – and that is to send money back home,” he said. “This recent promotion was a little gift from mRemit, a way to say, ‘Thank you for using our service – and we want to reward your mom back in the Philippines as well.”

And reward his mom mRemit’s TV promo winner Mariel Manahan, 34, did.

“Ang swerte naman! Hindi naman lahat nananalo sa mga ganyan! Thank you, anak!” exclaimed mom Neolita to Mariel, when he relayed the TV surprise to her right after receiving the news himself. To think it was the travel customer service representative’s first time remitting money through mRemit.

“I learnt about SingTel mRemit on flyers before seeing their shop in Lucky Plaza last May. I was encouraged to try it because of the competitive exchange rate and the low remittance fee. Plus, I love it that I can send money anytime, anywhere from my mobile phone.”

Mariel and his wife, Lourdes, are both working in Singapore. Their four kids, aged one to 14, are all in Neolita’s care.

“My mom doesn’t rely on us so the money I remit home goes to debt payment, and my kids’ school fees and food. If needed, I remit about 2 to 3 times a month, about 60 to 70 percent of my salary,” said Mariel. “But my mom has always been there, to help us in all possible ways. Even now, she is looking after my kids.”

Winning the TV meant a lot to Mariel since it was the first time he was giving his mom something special. “I can’t remember giving her any precious gift… She was very happy when I told her about the TV.”

Relaxing in front of the telly is a favourite pastime of most Filipina moms. “Madalas akong manood ng TV!’ Neolita said. “Kasi kung wala naman akong trabaho, yun na lang talaga ang libangan ko. Yung mga bata, enjoy sa cartoons, tapos ako, araw-araw, pinapanood ko yung mga paborito kong teleserye.”

She shares her message for her youngest child, Mariel: “I miss you, anak. Salamat na nagpapadala ka sa amin ng pera. Tapos yung sa TV, natutuwa talaga ako kasi bukod pala sa remittance, meron pa siyang dagdag na sorpresa.”

mRemit: the most convenient choice for OFWs

For Mariel and many OFWs like him, moving to SingTel mRemit was a wise OFW move.

“I moved to SingTel mRemit because it is so convenient. I don’t need to travel to Lucky Plaza to send money and endure the long queues after sweldo. I just need to register for an mCash account at SingTel mRemit store and top-up my mCash account at AXS Stations, Cheers, FairPrice Xpress, SingTel mRemit store or SingTel Retail Shops. Thereafter, I’ll just send a text to remit money to my family immediately. Instant confirmation pa!”

SingTel mRemit allows senders to remit money through their mobile phones.

<<< Customers can visit its flagship store at Lucky Plaza #01-26/27 (Mon-Sat, 10am-9pm / Sun, 9am-9pm) to register or top up their mCash account.



>>>To register and set up your mCash account, just provide your original passport or NRIC/Work Permit and mobile number and your recipients’ details (maximum of 5 beneficiaries) at the SingTel mRemit store at Lucky Plaza. Then top up your mCash account  for no additional charge at AXS Stations, Cheers, FairPrice Xpress, SingTel mRemit store or SingTel Retail Shops.


Instant remittance, instant notification

For other remittance companies, customers have to personally notify their recipients details of their remittance (reference numbers, password, etc). This often pits an irritated customer who has sent the wrong reference number to a frustrated recipient waiting at a cash-out centre. Customer may also forget to notify his recipient, which delays the recipient from cashing out their padala on time.

Being a mom of three and now caretaker of her mga apo, Neolita values convenience. Noting this, her son chose SingTel mRemit as it meets all their needs. SingTel mRemit even sends an instant SMS notification to both sender and recipient after each remittance – no errors, no delays.

“Nakakatanggap ako ng text message from mRemit na pwede ko nang i-cash out or pick-up-in yung padala ni Mariel. And sa dami ng Globe GCASH outlets or pick-up centres dito samin sa Antipolo, basta bukas yung outlet, makukuha ko na kagad yung padala niya,” explained Neolita on what makes mRemit more convenient for her as a remittance recipient.

Low, low fee if you remit to GCASH Wallet or GCASH Remit users

SingTel mRemit has two remittance options for OFWs: GCASH Wallet and GCASH Remit.

GCASH Remit allows senders to send money to anyone in the Philippines, and recipients to cash out free of charge in over 7,000 GCASH outlets nationwide. (For complete cash-out centres listing, please visit

GCASH Wallet lets senders send money to Globe or TM mobile users and enjoy more benefits then just remittance! (See image below for list of benefits for both GCASH Wallet and GCASH Remit).

Mariel uses both mRemit remittance options. Nay Neolita welcomes the opportunity to be able to go out and about every time she has to pick-up a padala. For days when she doesn’t feel like heading too far out, Nay Neolita can use her GCASH Express ATM Card to withdraw the padala from the nearest ATM or simply use her GCASH Wallet to pay for bills, buy goods or wherever she needs to spend it.

SingTel mRemit also offers the most competitive rates in the market. For SingTel postpaid and prepaid mobile subscribers, mRemit offers a special fee of $2.40 (GCASH wallet) and $3.00 (GCASH Remit) if they remit via text. (Click on image to enlarge image below for complete fee list.)

Pinoy Star recommendation

SingTel mRemit is a remittance service that “does more, give more” to all OFWs not just by ensuring them instant and secured remittance, but also by providing them much appreciated convenience that saves everyone time, money and effort.

Household service workers who only get one day off a month, sales persons who are always doing OT, nurses who work in shifts, expats with no time to go through the stressful hassle of rushing and queuing in Lucky Plaza – more of them can now say goodbye to a stressful “remittance ritual” that leaves them drained every time.

SingTel mRemit winner and customer Mariel Manahan could not have better described why OFWs in Singapore “must go to SingTel mRemit”.

“Low service fee, competitive exchange rate, no more queues, no need to travel to Orchard, very fast, just a few text and both my family and I receive instant confirmation – this is why I will continue to use SingTel mRemit.”

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